Temanggung Expands Coffee Export Market to Australia

antarajateng 10-08-17 10:05 internasional

Temanggung, ANTARA JATENG - A producer of powdered coffee in Temanggung, Central Java, Wali Limbung Coffee has shipped its first export of powdered coffee to Australia. "The first export was not much, but it served to test the Australian market," Marketing Manager of Wali Limbung Coffee, Purwogiri said here on Thursday. The company already exported its product of powdered coffee to various other countries such as Qatar, Taiwan, Germany, South Korea, and Singapore. "Coffee drinkers are not easily change their brands but they always want to know and taste new brand. I hope once they drink the Temanggung Arabica they would stick to it," Purwogiri said. He said the company is still seeking to expand market in Australia such as in cities of economic centers, and education cities where b there are many Indonesian students. He said Indonesian students normally wants coffee from their own country and they would serve in promoting the brand among their Australian fellow students. "We hope that the Indonesian students in Australia would help introduce Indonesia coffee in that country," he added. Exports to Australia has been prompted by an Australian, who asked to export the Temanggung Arabica coffee to his country after tasting a glass of it, he said. "The first export to Australia was last month and exports would be made twice every month," he added.